Photo by  Chris Scruggs .

Photo by Chris Scruggs.

About Pageant

Music holds a powerful influence over us. It has the capability to change our mood and our mind. Pageant knows how to accomplish this through their songs. Buzzing with 12-string guitars, bright harmonies and stunning strings, Pageant hopes you to pick up on those good vibrations, get happy and soak up the sun.

“Our new album, Endless Sun, is a pick-me-up for the band. A really joyous exercise.” says leader Derek Porter, and he isn’t kidding. Songs like “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)” and “But You’re Happy” cascade and shimmer. Derek’s sister and co-lead vocalist Erika elaborates, “We wanted to pull the most fun out of these songs and let our voices reveal how much we really enjoy making music together.”

Guitarist Stephen Allbritten, who also mixed the tracks for Endless Sun, creates textures that take the songs to another place. By adding his own brand of lead guitar the songs become spacey and cosmic. “Stephen is our secret weapon, his contributions really make him part of the family” says Derek.

For visual media the siblings frequently collaborate with their brother, Jeph, who directed their latest video for “Beautiful.” It features actors from the Second City in Chicago and brings a little humor into an epic and open-hearted song.

Endless Sun was released on  November 13, 2015. You can listen and purchase it here.